Scar Therapy Options for Acne Scars

Published: 09th July 2010
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Scars aren't an easy cross to bear for anyone, but in this unjust society that we live in not only are they not seen as acceptable, they're actually considered a mark of imperfection. If you don't agree with me then just take a minute to look at the fashion magazines and you'll read about dozens of stars that are constantly looking for a plastic surgery to eliminate their imperfections.

Scar prevention is highly important if you are trying to avoid skin imperfections. Since scarring is a natural part of life, this may be next to impossible. In cases were scar prevention hasn't proven effective, there is a wide range of scar reduction therapy that can treat the problem.

Scar Formation of Acne Scars

When an injury occurs in the body or when the skin breaks it is replaced by scar tissue. This newly formed scar tissue can become many different types of scars such as surgical scars, atrophic and hypertrophic scars, burn scars and acne scars. This article is focused mainly on acne scar formation and treatment.

Acne scars are normally a result of your body's own innate immune system in action. When our organism is threatened by any type of infection or a foreign element, our immune system reacts by creating an inflammatory response at the site of the attack. This response effectively does get rid of the infection, but it also annihilates healthy skin tissue along the way.

Scar therapy has made huge advances since the old days when an herbal salve was the most advanced form of acne scar treatment. Nowadays, the advances in technology have given us a wider variety of options such as the ones listed below.

*Steroid Cortisone Injections: This type of injection is used to help reduce scar inflammation and flatten raised scars. Steroid cortisone injections are administered by your doctor and under medical supervision.

*Pressure Wraps: Most scars will destroy normal skin tissue support. In cases like this pressure wraps are used to help the skin heal by applying pressure that would normally be exhibited by your epidermis. Pressure wraps work best on scars that are raised. They are most effective for fresh scars, and to help prevent wounds from developing prominent scarring.

*Laser scar removal: Laser scar removal is an excellent option for softening the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars, or scars caused by other factors. You doctor will use a high-energy light, in order to remove or reshape areas of the skin that have been affected by scar tissue. When deciding for laser scar removal keep in mind that there are several different types of laser scar removal available and each is optimally suited for a specific type of scar. Scars that are raised and reddened can be treated using a pulsed dye laser. While, one the other hand, acne scars are best treated by using laser skin resurfacing.

There is such a wide variety of scar removal options that it is impossible to cover them all, such surgery scars reduction treatments, however if you investigate a bit more you are bound to find one apt for your skin problems. But no matter what you discover, remember that early acne prevention is still the best way of avoiding these, oftentimes, expensive treatments.

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